Energy Singularity - the EventHorizon Podcast

Energy Singularity - the EventHorizon Podcast

Meanwhile in the real world Part I - Verv

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In the past few episodes, we looked at the overall state of blockchain in the Energy Industry, the technology, the impact of Energy Policy & Regulation and in episode 4 many of the elephants in the room got called out.

Now given the dose of realism we’ve been dishing out so far, you might be starting to wonder if there is any future for blockchain in the energy industry. There is.

And to prove it, over the next 3 episodes, we’re going to hear directly from people who are out there today, building businesses in the energy industry, using blockchain as a key enabling technology for their solutions.

For episode 5 join me, Kevin O'Donovan, as I chat with Maria McKavanagh, Chief Operating Officer at Verv to find out what's going on in the real world …

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